Makes it happen

All set for the festival season? Or are you more of an ice-cold aperitif in the sun kind of a person? Take this portable Bluetooth speaker with you wherever you go.

You can’t go wrong with a summery gift like this! These handy mini-speakers fit in the palm of your hand, connect to one another for even better sound and can be used as a remote control for summer selfies. Useful wherever you go!

Until 30 June 2019 these portable, wireless gadgets are even better value: just €10.50 per speaker as of 100 items (and just €9.55 per speaker as of 250 items). Includes 1 colour print, exclusive of VAT, recubel and Bebat.

Order in time and the speakers will be with you in 4 to 6 weeks. With your logo on them, needless to say.

Want to know more? Contact Lizz: then we’ll get started asap.

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