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Have you already got a concrete idea? Ask us a question, give us a timeframe and we’ll take care of the rest. From concept to delivery. From A to Zedd.

How do we work?

Want to order a promotional gift? Then we won’t keep you waiting. Leave your details on the contact form, and we’ll get straight to work. In order to prepare a quote we need to know what you want, in what quantity and when. Any special requirements? We enjoy a challenge. On top of this we have a great relationship with our suppliers who are well used to creating made-to-measure products.

When you are in agreement with our proposal, we’ll put your order together as quickly as possible. It’s our mission to ensure that your promotional gifts arrive on time, in the agreed quantity and with the right design.

Tell us what you’re looking for

… and get ready to be surprised. Still undecided? At Zedd we love working on original ideas so you can sit back while we go in search of an original promotional gift that has a great design and is practical and easy to use.

Haven’t yet found what you’re looking for? The team at Zedd will introduce you to our range of promotional gifts. The items on our website are just a small selection of what is possible.


Any practical questions? Get in touch with us when you want to know when we’ll be able to deliver your order.

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